worm screw jack for penstock

Screw jack choosing guide for penstock, sluice gate

Worm screw jacks are quite popular in the water treatment industry, it can be used on Penstock, Sluice Gate, Land Dam Gate etc. Blow info will show you how to use screw jack on these applications.
  • For choosing the screw jack, it depends on the sluice gate sizes, gate weight, water pressure, water impact force, lifting height, speed etc.
  • Normally 35T, 25T, 20T, 15T, 10T, 5T, 2.5T, 1T screw jack is more common. The stroke can be customized, the max length we can make is 6 meters.
  • The common application is normally inverted type, screw translating type, clevis end, with a protective tube.
  • The lifting screw is an acme screw since it can self-locking and very safe. Sometimes the customer uses the stainless steel material.
  • The screw jacks can be used by a single unit or by multiple screw jack systems as per the weight of the gate.

Typical configration of penstock, sluice gate

single screw jack for penstock
inverted screw jack for penstock
multiple screw jack systems for penstock

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