Solar tracking machine screw jack actuators

Solar panel tracking system must be highly rugged and can withstand wind force and weather. Our screw jack actuators can be specifically used on heavy-duty solar tracking applications at outdoor application, they offer affordable, custom-fitted solutions to these challenges. In additional, it requires little to no maintenance, making them ideal for solar panel applications.

What we have:

Currently, we offer the following models of solar machine screw jack actuators that are proven to withstand harsh conditions in the solar industry.

  • Solar Ball Screw Jacks:  high performance, longer wear life, can stand up to the environmental challenges (must be equipped with brake mechanism).
  • Solar machine Screw jack : offer increased load capacity, can tolerate rough operating conditions and guarantees longer service life.

Features of Solar Tracking Machine Jack Actuators

  • Can be customized to your requirements.
  • Cast aluminum housing with stainless steel lifting screw, or chromed push rod for superior corrosion resistance is available.
  • Cast housing includes trunnion for simplified mounting and installation
  • Our screw jacks can be equipped with a holding brake that eliminates back-driving, then it will not back-drive in high wind conditions.
  • Other option: bellow boots, AC or DC motor, position sensor, limit switch.

About this Solar Tracking Jack Application

In the application, the device is used in an outdoor environment. Solar tracking machine screw jack actuators is equipped with self-locking acme screw, double clevis mounting for easy installation, limit switches, swivel plate, swivel mounting base, electric motor, gear reducer, protective tube and bellows boot is also added to prevent the screw from rusting.

The screw jack is connected through the clevis end of the trunnion plate and the base of the solar panel support, and the solar panel support and the base are also connected by the clevis end. The reduction motor is directly connected by the transfer flange and the lifting jack to control the lifting, thereby adjusting the clamp of the solar panel and the horizontal plane angle.

Pls consult sales@liftingmotion for your solar application, you can be assured of the best solar tracking performance.