Hand Crank Screw Jack Lift Tables

Sometimes screw jack application can be fun. You can use it to DIY industrial crank tables, industrial train table, office crank desks, dining table, bar crank table,  computer desk, even a handcrafted conference room table. The cool thing is it has an adjustable height. But how to design a screw jack table lift? What things do you need to pay attention to? And how we help you? Below article may help you.

Screw jack lift table design option

  • Translating Worm Gear screw jacks with self-locking screws lift and lower the table, will never creep down in static conditions.
  • If the loading capacity is large, the guide support is suggested for all screw jack crank desks or tables.
  • If the distance between the two jacks is far, the pillow block is suggested.
  • If the table is wide, four screw jack is recommended. Using spur gears between two jacks to synchronize the system.
  • Crank Handles or hand wheel crank table for easy operation.
screw jack for crank desk
Adjustable Height Desk Vintage work Table
Crank dining table
Crank Table Base
  • Professional CAD or 3D drawing design
  • Custom made lift height, connecting rod length, iron crank handles, painting, spur gears diameter etc.
  • Unpainted jacks with exposed lifting screws in an industrial appearance is also no problem.
  • We develop a complete hand crank table lift screw jack sets which included miter box, shafting, couplings and shaft support bearings. The key parts to move table screw jacks simultaneously and then hold the position.
  •  Self-locking, precision positioning, full synchronization, different multiple screw jacks systems arrangements, easy installation and operation, maintenance free.

Our engineers took the guesswork out of the design by laying out a lifting system and recommending the correct combination components like the miter box, shafting, and couplings etc. With professional engineering and technical service, we can provide custom screw jack table solutions in a time, turning ideas into working solutions.

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