Our screw jacks are designed according to state-of-the-art technology and are in line with applicable safety regulations. However, the general risks of personal injury or damage to property connected with the use of such machinery cannot be completely eliminated.

The following are general safety precautions when using a screw jack. Read these instructions, warnings and cautions carefully. You can also contact our application engineer for more details info or questions: sales@liftingmotion.com.

Screw jack safety precautions

1) Make sure the screw jack you will use is best fit for your application

  • Do not exceed the screw jack ratings, including load, travel, motor power, duty circle and input speed.
  • Use the screw jack only for its intended purpose, support or move human cargo is not recommended.
  • Machine Screw Jacks are usually self-locking. However, a brake should be considered under vibratory conditions.
  • The users must prevent the existence of any destructive external conditions such as vibratory loads, shock loading, mechanical or thermal overloads, or side loads. If radial loads occur in the machine, additional guides are necessary.

2) Follow standard machinery installation and assembling practices.

  • Before starting assembly work, the direction of rotation of all worm gear screw jacks, bevel gearboxes and the drive motor must be checked with regard to the feed direction of each individual worm gear screw jack.
  • The mounting plate of the screw jack must be stable, flat, and clean so no stresses are built into the gear house during the assembly.
  • Properly install, align and shield all moving parts. Improper centering work causes mechanical trouble or the expiration of its service life.

3)Inspect, lubricate and maintain the screw jack as described in our instruction sheet.

Always lock out power before performing any inspection, maintenance, lubrication, adjustment or repair procedures on the screw jack.

  • Prior to start-up, make sure there is sufficient lubricant in the screw jack. The spindle is also needed well lubrication with the correct type of lubricant.
  • Periodic replacement of grease is required to the prolongation of the screw jack’s service life. We recommend that the gearbox be cleaned to remove old grease and refilled with fresh grease after approximately 700 operating hours or 18 months.
  • If the amount of internal thread wear of the screw becomes about 1/3, replace a new one.
  • The wear of the screw nut (worm gear) must be checked by measuring the thread backlash after approximately 200 hours of operation or sooner if operating conditions are harsh. The screw nut (worm gear) must be replaced if the axial backlash with a single-start thread is more than one-quarter of the thread pitch.

4) Store screw jack properly

  • Store in a clean and dry environment, free from dirt and dust under the temperature: -10°C to +50°C in the fully retracted (closed) position.
  • All unpainted parts are adequately protected by oiled and /or greased to prevent oxidation.
  • In the event that a screw jack is to be stored for more than 6 months prior to installation/commissioning, Consult us to discuss preservation requirements.

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