If you’re looking for screw jack for any application, it’s important for you to understand the different types, operations, and designs of a screw jack. This guide will help you choose the type of can sealer that best fits your needs.

This guide is divided into 4 sections according to different import stages. Click any section you have interest for further learning.

What is Screw Jack?

screw jack image

Screw Jack (also known as Worm Screw Jack, Machine Screw Jack or Lead Screw Jack). It is a gearbox assembly (either worm gear or bevel gear) and a transmission product (machine cut lead screw or a rolled or ground ball screw) which through use of a motor is used to convert rotary into linear motion. Wherever there is a need to lift, position, align and hold the load, there is screw jack.

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Screw Jack Application

LiftingMotion Screw Jacks are the ideal product to push, pull, lift, lower and position object loads. They are essential components in automated machinery because of high reliability and synchronization. They usually operate in high-load applications. Additionally, screw jack is increasingly finding uses as alternatives to conventionally pneumatic and hydraulic systems, because it has better energy efficiency and greater levels of precision. LiftingMotion screw jacks and lifting systems offer wide-ranging lifting and positioning solutions for diverse industries.

screw jack application
  • Gypsum factories
  • Sheet metal forming machinery
  • Paper, press, printing industry
  • Food processing machinery
  • Construction sectorMechanical lifting applications
  • Bridge jacks for road and bridge lifting
  • Platform lifting applications
  • Opening and closing of penstocks
  • Industrial process
  • Roll form machinery
  • Stage setup applicationsShipyards
  • Mining industry
  • Lift tables
  • Defense industry

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Mechanical Advantage of Screw Jack

LiftingMotion screw jacks can offer a better solution for high load application(10kN to 1200KN), improved performance and safety at lower costs is our unique advantage. What’s the mechanical advantage of screw jack compared with hydraulic systems?

  • Better energy efficiency.
  • Greater levels of precision.
  • Environmentally Friendly since no high-pressure oil leaks.
  • Increased Safety. In the event of power loss, screw jacks can be self-locking.
  • More quicker and simple to install, program and tune.
  • Reduced cost since no need ancillary hydraulic equipment, no hydraulic oil to maintain, no leaks to repair.

Different types of screw jack

There are a few screw jack design available including Translating, Keyed and Traveling Nut. All of them can be achieved with either a machine screw jack or ball screw jack. Want to know which jack design is best for your application? Below details may help you.

Translating screw Jacks

Translating screw Jacks are most often selected. The main components of screw jacks are gear housing, trapezoidal lifting screw, worm screw and worm gear. Worm screw is rotated manually or by motor, then the worm gear will be rotated by the worm screw and the lifting screw moves through the rotating worm gear. The linear motion speed of lifting screw depends on thread size and rotation ratio of worm gears.

This translating screw jack is the standard version. For the installation, you will need the same amount of space below the screw jack gearbox as you need above.

Translating screw Jack

Translating screw Jacks

worm gear Translating screw Jacks

Worm gear Translating screw Jacks

bevel gear Translating screw Jacks

Bevel gear Translating screw Jacks

Rotating screw Jacks (Traveling Nut)

Rotating screw Jacks nut traveling

Rotating screw Jacks

Traveling Nut worm gear screw Jacks

Traveling Nut worm gear screw Jacks

Traveling Nut bevel gear screw Jacks

Traveling Nut bevel gear screw Jacks

Traveling Nut screw Jacks are another option.  The lifting screw does not move up and down. It only rotates around its axis.  The travelling nut moves along the screw. The lifting nut of screw jack is made of bronze to decrease friction. This type of jack is ideal for applications that cannot accommodate a screw protection tube or that require a flush mount.

For the installation, space on only one side of the jack is required.

Keyed screw Jacks(anti-rotation)

Keyed screw Jacks all called anti-rotation screw jack. In applications where rotation cannot be prevented externally, a keyed design screw jack is required. This design is only available for translating screw jacks. For keyed screw jack, there is two versions locked against rotation on the tube or on keys.

keyed screw jack

Version one: For square type tube

Protection tube manufactured in box section mild steel. Spindle end complete with nut.

anti-rotation screw jack

Version two: For around type tube

This type is Locked Against Rotation on Keys.  A key, fixed to the jack housing and inserted into a keyway milled into the length of the lifting screw forces the lifting screw to translate without rotating.

When to use keyed screw jack?

In this video, it shows you when to use keyed screw jack. When a single jack load is unattached and unable to prevent the rotation, the keyed jack is needed, then the lifting screw will translate instead of rotate.

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