Screw jack case study---Automated Guided Vehicles

Automated Guided Vehicles is one of popular application for electric screw jack.  AGV is used to move large loads with a low-to-medium throughput over short-to-medium distances. They have the ability to carry goods autonomously along predefined or dynamic routes. In this appliation,  I will show you the detailed cases and how we help the customer save their cost greatly.

Project details and Challenge

  • Actual load 2.5 ton, need speed 3.5M/min, high duty circle, 4 jack system.
  • To stand radial force. Since when the AGV suddenly stop, the radial force is unavoidable.
  • Very limit space. From the bottom of platform to the top of the jack housing only 135mm space(including the mounting support and mounting base)

Our Solution

  • Designed guide post to connect together with the top plate, this can avoid a redial force.
  • Use ball screw with bevel gear jack. For our ball screw jack with bevel gear, the duty circle is 100%.
  • Specially designed jack in very small sizes to fit the space requirement.

The customer found our prices are very competitive with good quality and performance. After both of our effort, we got the project and fulfill our commission successfully.

Our advantages

  • Our screw jack lifting system are completely designed and tested to meet the specific needs of each application.
  • Proven reliable operations across a long service life.
  • Turnkey supply of components for AGV systems.
AGV building by screw jack