Motorized Worm Gear Screw Jack

LiftingMotion motorized worm gear screw jack is driven by an electric motor to lift, lower, push or pull the object. The motor can be AC motor, DC motor, stepper motor, or servo motor.

  • Load from 0.25T to 120T, the larger load can be custom made.
  • Stroke is built as per your application
  • Screw jack type: screw translating, nut traveling, or keyed
  • Lifting screw option: trapezoidal screw or ball screw
  • Can be built into many types of jacking system layouts.
  • Higher efficiency than manual screw jack due to driven by the motor.
  • Drive system: DC 12 / 24V motor, single AC motor, three-phase AC motor, helical gear motor, stepper or servo motor.

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of motorised worm screw jacks, you can get screw jacks with all kinds of driven parts like motor, speed reducer, limit switch, etc from one single source.

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Model Options

LiftingMotion has a large selection of motorized worm gear jacks, below are the most popular models. They can replace the most famous brands in the market.

  • Duty cycle 20%/h for acme screw, 30%/h for ball screw
  • A brake motor is required to maintain the position if using ball screw jacks
  • To achieve synchronous lifting, multiple screw jacks can be linked together
  • Special custom designs are available to meet your application requirements
electric screw jacks
  • Cubic and compact design
  • High reliability and performance
  • Precision worm gear sets
  • Acme and ball screw options

worm screw jack
  • Can replace Japan Jacks.
  • Reliability, robust, and high performance
  • Precision worm gear set
  • Use self-locking acme screw
electric ball screw actuator
  • Can replace Japan Jacks.
  • Higher duty cycles
  • Energy-saving and fast speed
  • Use high efficiency ball screw
machine screw jack
  • Single face compact design
  • For heavy load and intermittent duty cycles
  • Precision worm gear set
  • Acme and ball screw options

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LiftingMotion motorized worm gear screw jacks are widely used in material handling machines, heavy vehicle lifting, food processing, solar panel tracking, conveyor, paper, printing, lifting table, steel industry, etc.

With countless projects experience in these fields, you can trust us to provide you with the most cost-effective and reliable solution.