Manual Screw Jacks

LiftingMotion manual screw jacks equipped with handwheel or hand crank for hand operation. It’s suitable for a variety of industry applications. Cost-effective and high reliability.

  • Stroke is custom-made as per your application.
  • It can be a single jack or multi-jack layout
  • Acme screw is used, so it’s self-locking. No need additional locking device.
  • Screw jack option: upright or inverted, screw translating or nut traveling
  • Handwheel option: 80mm diamter to 400mm diameter
  • Wide accessories available: connecting shaft, coupling, digital position indicator etc.
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Custom Design Avaiable

LiftingMotion manual lifting screw jacks can be used to lift, lower, pull, push, move or align any type of load. If using multi-jack arrangements, it can be perfectly synchronized.  The mounting can be vertically or horizontally.

We have a large range of screw jacks with different load capacities, such as machine screw jack, worm gear screw jack, bevel gear jack, etc. Our professional engineer can easily select the right model and supply tailered solutions to suit your application.

manual lifting screw jack
manual worm gear screw jacks
manual screw jack lift mechanism

Why LiftingMotion?

LiftingMotion supplies manual screw jacks over 14 years of manufacturing and application experience.

  • Free engineering advice
  • Industrial high-quality standard
  • Tailed Solution for your application
  • A wide range of jack models and accessories
  • Countless Project Experience
  • Strong export plywood case packing
  • Free 2D Drawings(DWG, PDF etc) and 3D CAD Model(STEP)

Our jacks are widely used in a machine tools, material handling, factory automation, printing, clean energy, etc. You can get the solution with an optimal balance of cost and performance.

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LiftingMotion manual screw jack functional testing before shipment.

Worm gear screw jack equipped with a planetary reducer and handwheel, it’s specially designed for heavy load industrial application.

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