Our screw jack including worm gear screw jack, ball screw jack, acme screw jack(also called translating screw jack), bevel gear machine screw jack, stainless steel screw jack, metric screw jack, system & accessories. They are produced with the following characteristics:

  • Loads are available from 0.25 to 120 Ton.
  • Manual screw jack by hand wheel or motor operation.
  • Design option: Standard, Anti-rotation, Anti-backlash or Safety nut
  • Can be used individually or in multiple arrangements.
  • No “standard” travel lengths and all mechanical worm gear screw jacks are built to specification.

Special types for tailored applications, intermediate sizes, special ratios, and pitches are also available. Feel free to contact if you don’t find what you need.

Screw Jacks and Lifting Systems

Our mechanical screw jacks offer wide-ranging lifting and positioning solutions for diverse industries. We configure jacks with components such as bevel gearboxes, motors, reduction gearboxes, drive shafts, couplings, plummer blocks and motion control devices to create complete multi-jack systems. Whatever you need, we are able to provide complete proposals to you.

Below are four of the most popular system configurations. Multiple screw jacks can be linked together mechanically or electrically.

U – Configuration

U-Configuration screw jacks and lifting systems

T – Configuration

T-Configuration Multi-jack Lifting

I – Configuration

I-Configuration screw jack lift

H – Configuration

H - Configuration multiple-jack systems

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