Project Description

LiftingMotion worm screw jack load capacity from 1 ton to 100 ton. Very precise and reliable, it can meet all the necessary safety, cost-efficiency, and durability mandates of your application. It also can perfectly replace the Tsubaki jacks.

  • Drive method: Electric worm screw jack by motor and manual worm screw jack by handwheel
  • Trapezoidal spindle, Ductile iron housings, taper roller bearings provide rugged reliability, high strength bronze worm gear
  • Version: upright or inverted, traveling nut or screw translating
  • Option: Anti-rotation, anti-backlash, safety nut, left-hand screw threads
  • Note: 2.5KN Small miniature worm jack, stainless steel materials, standard or completely custom made all is no problem.
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 Worm Gear Screw Jack LMM Technical Data

Maximum Load (T)1T2.5T5T10T15T20T30T50T75T100T
Outer Diameter of screw (mm)20264050556585120130150
 Root Diameter of screw (mm)14.819.730.538.443.451.367102112127
Screw Pitch (mm)45810101216161620
Gear RatioH56688810.610.610.612
Efficiency %H21212222202019151313
Permissible max. Power

( KW )

No-load Torque(N·m)0.290.621.422.63.99.819.629.439.2
Permissible torque of

input shaft (N·m)*

Required torque of input

shaft at max. Load (N.m)

Screw travel length (mm)

per turn of worm shaft

Permissible max. Input(rpm)

when max. load

Screw torque when

max. Load (N·m)


Worm Gear Jack Type Option

worm screw jack type

Screw Top End Option

machine jack top end option

Worm Shaft Input Option

machine screw jack worm shaft type

Screw Jack Accessories Option

screw jack accessories

LMM Worm Jack Order Guide

LMM  Model NO— screw jack type – top end type – worm shaft type – gear ratio – travel length – Accessories(limit switch/bellow)

  • If the mechanical lifting machine jack is loaded in compression. It may be necessary to select a jack with a load greater than the nominal. This is due to the relationship of the diameter to the maximum spindle length. You can consult our engineering for an analysis of the applied force.
  •  As the duty cycles are intermittent, there is an inverse relationship in relation to the maximum duty cycle of the actuators and the load being moved. Please consult our application engineers for assistance in determining the most suitable machine jack.
  • The input RPM must not exceed the value in the table.
  • Never exceed the static and dynamic capacity of the jack.
  • Never exceed the power listed in our specification tables.
  • If the maximum power recommendation is exceeded, reduce the speed or use a larger capacity jack.

Our experienced and qualified team offers full support at all times. 

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Application cases of worm drive screw jack

As a professional worm gear screw jack supplier who worked on thousands of cases every year.  You will benefit from our wide application experience in diverse industries including transportation, packaging, factory automation, material handling, printing, automotive, machine tool, paper, steel, food, and beverage etc.

worm gear screw jack application
worm screw jack application
worm drive screw jacks

Need Help Selecting a Worm Gear Lift Mechanism?

You can trust us on high quality, on-time delivery, controlled costs, and reduced risk.

As you know, screw jacks convert rotary motion into linear motion and are used to lift and position loads. Each screw jack includes a gearbox with rotational input, ball trust or taper roller bearings, and an output acme or ball lifting screw.

According to gear set difference, screw jack can be with worm gear set arrangement, also can be with bevel gear set arrangement. When it comes with worm gear set, it called worm gear screw jack. 

Here is a detailed guide with videos and photos to show you how the screw jack works.

This worm gear jack prices start from less than 100usd.  It depends on your load, stroke, end fitting, screw jack type, or lifting screw type. In general:

  • Large load capacity worm jack prices are higher than small load capacity worm jack.
  • For same load capacity jacks, long-stroke price is higher than short ones.
  • Ball screw jacks is higher than the Trapzidal screw jack.
  • Nut traveling jack prices is higher than screw translating jack.
  • Custom-made screw end is higher than standard screw end.

LiftingMotion offers very competitive prices. You can send an inquiry to Our sales engineer will give you an instant quote.

Yes, you can get it from LiftingMotion. Our smallest Miniature worm gear screw jack is 0.25T(2.5kn) in cubic design and aluminum housing, you can hold it in your hand.

small machine screw jack

LifingMotion has been replaced many famous brands of worm gear screw jacks. If your quantity is considerable, lucky for you, you can save a fortune. Contact our sales engineers(, they will guide you to get a competitive quote.

You can learn from our blog page Hand Wheel Screw Jack, its common structure, how to choose Handwheel for these worm jacks, and LiftingMotion manual worm  jacks advantages.

You can find Worm Gear Screw Jack System Configurations here. If you don’t know what configurations to choose, pls contact our sales engineers

All external components of our stainless steel worm gear screw jacks are made from 303 or 304 stainless steel. They are perfect to use in corrosion resistance environments.

Stainless steel machine screw jack

Worm Jack Duty Cycle Calculation

The allowable duty circle for LMM worm gear jacks is less than 20% ED, LMB ball screw jacks are less than 30% ED, LML bevel gear jacks are no less than 60% ED, LMLB ball bevel gear jack basically can catch 100% duty circle. Please noted the allowable duty cycle is variable based on your load, speed, and temperature.

Duty Circle (%ED): ED=[1 duty circle / (1 duty circle+ 1 rest circle)]x100%

Worm Screw Jack lifting force calculation and How to sizing a motor

  • P1: Required Input Power
  • n1 :Input rpm r/min
  • T:Required Input Torque N・m
  • W:Lifting Load N
  • L:Screw Lead (m)
  • π:Circular Constant 3.14
  • i:Gear Ratio
  • η:Jack working Efficiency
  • T0:No-load torque
  • V:Screw Shaft Speed m/min
  • Input Torque: T(N.m)=(W*L / 2*π*i*η) + To
  • Input Power: P1(KW)=T*n1/9550
  • Input rpm: n1=(V/ L)*i

Please note: The input RPM must not exceed the value in the table. Never exceed the power listed in our specification tables. If the maximum power recommendation is exceeded, reduce the speed or use a larger capacity jack.

The necessary information includes:

Total load (KN)
Effective stroke (mm)
Load of each actuator (if more than one is required)
Load type (tension, compression, guidance, no guidance)
Speed request (mm/min)
Duty cycle

Please share with us your project details, then we can provide a complete worm screw jack lifting solutions with 3D models.