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machine screw jack system

This machine screw jack load capacity from 1 ton to 120 ton. Low Cost and safe load!

  • Best Materials: Ductile iron housings, ball thrust bearings provide rugged reliability, high strength bronze worm gear
  • Version: upright or inverted, traveling nut or screw translating
  • Option: Anti-rotation, anti-backlash, safety nut, left-hand screw threads
  • This machine jack uses an acme screw, typically used to move heavy loads in low-duty-cycle setups and low-speed applications.
  • Connect a motor or hand-crank shaft to the screw jack shaft to lift, hold, position, and level loads.

You can trust us on high quality, on-time delivery, controlled costs and reduced risk.

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LMS Machine Screw Jack  Actuator Technical Data

Machine Jack ModelLMS1LMS2.5LMS5LMS10/15LMS20LMS25LMS35LMS50LMS100LMS120
(1 ton)(2.5 ton)(5 ton)(10/15 ton)(20 ton)(25 ton)(35 ton) (50 ton)(100 ton)(120 ton)
Max. Lifting Force
(  KN )
Max. Pulling Force
( KN )
Lift Screw( mm )Tr24×4Tr30×6Tr40×7Tr58×12Tr65×12Tr90×16Tr100×18Tr120×20Tr160×23Tr180×25
Gear Ratio ( high )1/61/61/61/81/83/323/323/321/121/12
Travel length(mm)0.6711.1671.5651.51.51.691.871.922.083
per full turn of worm Shaft ( H )
Efficiency % ( H )23232123211918151312
Gear Ratio ( Low )1/241/241/241/241/241/321/321/321/361/36
Travel length(mm)per full turn of worm Shaft ( L )
Efficiency % ( L )1414121513111111108
Max. Length of lifting screw (mm) when tensile force1500150020002500300035004000550065007000
Max. Permissible power( KW )0.551.452.593.474.025.3813.0613.928.562
Lubricant ( kg )
Weight without stroke( kg )2.57.316.2253670.58742010101350
Weight of screw ( kg )per 100mm stroke0.250.450.821.672.
Max. Permissible power is under the conditions that ambient temperature 20 degree c , duty cycle 20%h and input speed 1500rpm

machine jack type option

machine screw jack type

screw top end option

machine screw end option

screw worm shaft input option

screw jack worm shaft type

LMS Jack Order Guide

LMS  Model NO— screw jack type – top end type – worm shaft type – gear ratio – travel length – necessories(limit swith/bellow)

  • If the mechanical lifting machine jack is loaded in compression. It may be necessary to select a jack with a load greater than the nominal. This is due to the relationship of the diameter to the maximum spindle length. You can consult our engineering for analysis of the applied force.
  •  As the duty cycles are intermittent, there is an inverse relationship in relation to the maximum duty cycle of the actuators and the load being moved. Please consult our application engineers for assistance in determining the most suitable machine jack.
  • The input RPM must not exceed the value in the table.
  • Never exceed the static and dynamic capacity of the jack.
  • Never exceed the power listed in our specification tables.
  • If the maximum power recommendation is exceeded, reduce the speed or use a larger capacity jack.
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Application cases of LMS electric machine screw jack

You can benefit from our wide application experience in diverse industries including transportation, packaging, factory automation, material handling, printing, automotive, machine tool, paper, steel, food, and beverage etc.

machine screw jack application example
worm gear machine screw jacks application case

Need Help Selecting a Machine Screw Jack?

Please share with us your project details, then we can provide a complete worm screw jack lifting solutions with 3D models. The necessary information includes:

  • Total load (KN)
  • Effective stroke (mm)
  • Load of each actuator (if more than one is required)
  • Load type (tension, compression, guidance, no guidance)
  • Speed request (mm/min)
  • Duty cycle
  • Applicable ambient temperature (-20º to 50ºC)