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Cubic Lifting Jack

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All housings of this cubic screw jack have a cubic form and are machined on all faces. Motor and jack actuator assemblies can be installed in any position.  The payloads from 1 kN to 1000 kN. A total of 12 sizes are available.

  • 2.5 ton mini cubic screw jack is available, compact design
  • Translating(traveling screw) and rotating (traveling nut) configurations
  • Electric Driven and Manual Operated both are available
  • Trapezoidal spindle (self-locking) and Ball Screw spindle (high efficiency) version
  • Design option: Standard, Anti-rotation, Anti-backlash or Safety nut
  • Standard and custom end fittings, mounting options, and drive shaft
  • Cubic metric screw jacks type: fully metric mounting hole locations, diameters, and fasteners.
  • Sijie can customize to your specifications

2.5KN~80KN Cubic Electric Screw Jack Spec( Acme screw)

Maximum Load (KN)2.5510205080
Screw Diameter and Screw Pitch (mm)Tr14×4Tr18×4Tr20×4Tr30×6Tr40×7Tr50×8
Gear RatioH444678
Starting EfficiencyH0.
Working Efficiency  at 1500 rpmH0.340.340.350.330.320.31
Permissible max. Power ( KW )H0.250.30.571.142.22.5
Full load starting torque ( N.m)H3.24.281848.575
Torque ( N.m ) without loadH0.0680.
Housing MaterialAluminumSpheroidal graphite ironSpheroidal graphite iron
Weight without stroke (Kg)
Weight per 100mm screw0.20.360.50.751.522.44
and protective tube(Kg)

100KN~1000KN Cubic Electric Screw Jack Spec( Acme screw)

ModelSJC100  SJC200 SJC300SJC450 SJC700SJC1000  
Maximum Load (KN)1002003004507001000
Screw Diameter and Screw Pitch (mm)Tr60×9Tr80×12Tr100×16Tr120×16Tr140×20Tr160×20
Gear RatioH88.7510.2510.7513.3313.33
Starting EfficiencyH0.
Working Efficiency at 1500 rpmH0  0.330.330.330.30.310.29
Permissible max. Power ( KW )H34711.518.522
Full load starting torque ( N.m)H10026546067510501620
Torque ( N.m ) without loadH2.
Housing MaterialSpheroidal graphite iron
Weight without stroke (Kg)5875110200400800
Weight per 100mm screw3.024.56.8912.516.5
and protective tube(Kg)

10KN~50KN Cubic Electric Screw Jack Spec(ball screw)

Maximum Load (KN)101271824195039
Outer Diameter of screw (mm)2020203232324040
Screw Lead (mm)51020510201020
Gear RatioH1/41/41/41/61/61/61/71/7
Starting EfficiencyH0.350.350.350.320.320.320.330.33
Efficiency  at 1500rpmH0.590.590.590.580.580.580.590.59
Permissible max. Power ( KW )H0.570.570.571.
Full load Torque ( N.m )H5.613.415.67.418.931.535.551.4
No-load Torque ( N.m )H0.
Screw travel length (mm) per turn of worm shaftH1.
Housing MaterialDuctile ironDuctile ironDuctile ironDuctile ironDuctile ironDuctile ironDuctile ironDuctile iron
Weight without stroke (Kg)6669.59.5102424
Weight per 100mm screw and protective tube(Kg)

80KN~300KN Cubic Electric Screw Jack Spec(ball screw)

Maximum Load (KN)60576711073130150
Outer Diameter of screw (mm)505063638080100
Screw Lead (mm)10201020102020
Gear RatioH1/81/81/81/81/8.751/8.751/1025
Starting EfficiencyH0.320.330.320.340.310.310.30
Efficiency  at 1500rpmH0.580.580.580.580.550.550.53
Permissible max. Power ( KW )H2.52.533447
Full load Torque ( N.m )H37.370.941.7136.841.5113.7155.4
No-load Torque ( N.m )H1.521.522.
Screw travel length (mm) per turn of worm shaftH1.
Housing MaterialDuctile ironDuctile ironDuctile ironDuctile ironDuctile ironDuctile ironDuctile iron
Weight without stroke (Kg)384062647880125
Weight per 100mm screw and protective tube(Kg)

SJC Series  Cubic Lifing Jack Ordering Information 

SJC300  – US  –  T  –   C –   1/41  –  300   – P
           1       2        3       4        5          6        7      


1: Cubic Screw Jack Model

2: Screw Configuration & Mounting Orientation

US: Upright translating screw        UK: Upright keyed screw        UR: Upright rotating screw
IS: Inverted translating screw         IK: Inverted keyed screw         IR: Inverted rotating screw

Note:  US, IS (Screw rotation, do axial motion)  UK, IK (Screw anti-rotation, do axial motion)

UR,IR(Screw fixed rotation, traveling nut do axial motion)

Screw Configuration & Mounting Orientation

3: Screw Top End

Screw jack Top End

4: Worm Shaft Input Types

A: left side worm shaft input.
B: right side worm shaft input.
C: double worm shaft input.
M1: left side motor flange direct input.
M2: right side motor flange direct input.
M3: left side motor flange direct input, right side worm shaft input.
M4: right side motor flange direct input, left side worm shaft input.

Worm Shaft Input Types

5: Gear Ratio

6: Travel Stroke

Travel Stroke


7:  Accessories

N: Standard Jack, No additional accessories
P: Protective Tube
R: Dust Cover
Y: Hand Wheel
Other accessories,please check below picture

screw jack accessories one screw jack accessories two screw jack accessories three screw jack accessories four

Sijie Indutrial has been supplied machine scew jacks, worm gear jack, ball screw jack, cubic screw jack, high speed bevel gear jack,  lifting system and necessories since 2008. This cubic lifting jack is our best selling type in Europe, the superior quality and great performance allow it to replace ZIMM, UNIMEC, POWER JACK etc. Here is our advanges.

  • Has the unique ability to provide complete system lifting solutions with 3D models.
  • Providing “turn key” solutions with the optimal balance of performance, life, and cost.
  • Wide application experience in diverse industries including transportation, packaging, factory automation, material handling, printing, automotive, machine tool, paper, steel, food and beverage etc.

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