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Worm Gear Ball Screw Jacks

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Ball screw jacks are common where higher speeds and duty cycles are needed. Most screw jacks use trapezoidal screws Tr, because they are simple, robust and inexpensive. The proportion of screw jacks that use ball screws is however constantly increasing. The reasons for this are primarily their pitch accuracy, their high efficiency (less power consumption and less heat generation) and the higher pitches available, which permit higher stroke speeds.

  • Worm Gear electric ball screw jack,  anti-Rotation and higher pitches available
  • Translating(traveling screw) and rotating (traveling nut) configurations
  • Move loads and apply force more efficiently than other machine screw actuators
  • No self-locking! Because of the lack of friction, a holding brake is necessary: a motor brake or a spring pressure brake is required.

10KN~150KN ball screw lift spec

Maximum Load (KN)9.824.54998147
Outer Diameter of screw (mm)2025405050
 Root Diameter of screw (mm)17.521.13334.9144.9144.91
Screw Pitch (mm)510101020
    Gear RatioH56688
Permissible max. Power ( KW )H0.541.32.23.64
No-load Torque(N·m)0.290.621.371.962.65
Keeping Torque(N·m)H1.274.3110.7819.639.2
Permissible torque of input shaft (N·m)*19.649153.9292292
Required torque of input shaft at max. Load (N.m)H2.8921.539.177
Screw travel length (mm) per turn of worm shaftH11.661.671.252.5
Permissible max. Input(rpm) when max. loadH150014001000890500
Screw torque when max. Load (N·m)8.734.786.7208.2416.3

200KN~1000KN ball screw lift spec

Maximum Load (KN)196294490600810
Outer Diameter of screw (mm)6380100125160
 Root Diameter of screw (mm)57.9172.46687110142
Screw Pitch (mm)1020252532
Gear RatioH810.6710.6710.6712
Permissible max. Power ( KW )H5.58.913.314.521.5
No-load Torque(N·m)3.929.8119.62738
Keeping Torque(N·m)H5168.6140.1175260
Permissible torque of input shaft (N·m)*292735137217642450
Required torque of input shaft at max. Load (N.m)H104.5169.6317.5435663
Screw travel length (mm) per turn of worm shaftH1.251.882.252.342.67
Permissible max. Input(rpm) when max. loadH500500400310300
Screw torque when max. Load (N·m)555.11040.92081.725144586

NDB Series Ball Screw Jack Ordering Guide Information

NDB – 010  –  US   T  –    C –    1/6  –  300   –  Y
                        2        3        4         5          6          7

1: Electric ball screw jack model

2: Screw Configuration & Mounting Orientation

US: Upright translating screw        UK: Upright keyed screw        UR: Upright rotating screw
IS: Inverted translating screw         IK: Inverted keyed screw         IR: Inverted rotating screw

Note:  US, IS (Screw rotation, do axial motion)  UK, IK (Screw anti-rotation, do axial motion)

UR,IR(Screw fixed rotation, traveling nut do axial motion)

SJW Screw Configuration & Mounting Orientation

3: Screw Top End

Screw jack Top End

4: Worm Shaft Input Types

A: left side worm shaft input.
B: right side worm shaft input.
C: double worm shaft input.
M1: left side motor flange direct input.
M2: right side motor flange direct input.
M3: left side motor flange direct input, right side worm shaft input.
M4: right side motor flange direct input, left side worm shaft input.

Worm Shaft Input Types

5: Gear Ratio

6: Travel Stroke

SJW machine screw jack travel stroke


7:  Accessories

N: Standard Jack, No additional accessories
P: Protective Tube
R: Dust Cover
Y: Hand Wheel
Other accessories,please check below picture

screw jack accessories onescrew jack accessories twoscrew jack accessories threescrew jack accessories four

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