Project Description

Precision Machined Components

Our experience with machined components ranges from turning and milling to grinding and honing. We have full confidence in our capabilities to machine to your requirements. We are capable of machining metals from bar stock, extrusions, forgings, castings, and more. Anything that you need – whether it be a shaft, gear, housing, etc.

Material: Alloy Steels,Carbon Steels, Tool Steels, Aluminum, Cast Aluminum, Cast Iron, Forged Steel, Forged Aluminum, Powder Metals etc

Surface Treatment:
  • Galvanic surfaces: Gold plating, Silver plating, Nickel plating, Tin plating, Zinc plating, Passivation, Copper plating etc
  • Polishing: Perfect edge rounding, optimally smoothed surface
  • Painted or powder coated surfaces: Corrosion protection, Color coding
  • Phosphating: Corrosion protection
  • Oiling and greasing: Corrosion protection
  • Ball and glass bead blasting: Surface hardening, Deburring
  • Vibratory finishing / grinding, Deburring, Polishing
  • Lubricant coating: Glisscoat etc.

Custom Hydraulic Manifold Blocks

  • Providing a wild range of non-standard, Customized Design Manifolds or Blocks.
  • From 100 PSI to 6000 PSI, or 0.5 GPM to 15 GPM, we can make the valve for your application.
  • Blackening, anode, galvanizing, ceramic plating, heat treatment etc is avaiable.

Final Customers