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LiftingMotion electric screw jacks are motorized screw jacks driving by electronic motors. The load capacity is from 0.25T to 100T. It has ductile iron housing(LMK0.25t and LMK0.5t has aluminum housing), tapered roller bearing, and high-strength bronze worm gear. We offer a large range of motors to suit your application such as helical gear motor, stepper motor, servo motor, single-phase or three-phase ac motor, and 12v /24v DC motor.

  • Cubic screw jack type with compact and versatile cubic housing
  • Translating(traveling screw) and rotating (traveling nut) configurations
  • Trapezoidal spindle (self-locking) and Ball Screw spindle (high efficiency) version
  • Design option: Standard, Anti-rotation, Anti-backlash or Safety nut
  • Standard and custom end fittings, mounting options, and drive shaft

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LMK Electric Screw Jack Actuators Technical Data

Jack ModelLMK2.5LMK5LMK10LMK20LMK50LMK80LMK100LMK200LMK300LMK450
Max. Lifting Forc(KN )2.5510205080100200300450
Lift Screw Size( mm )Tr14*4Tr18×4Tr20×4Tr30×6Tr40×7Tr50×8Tr60×9Tr80×12Tr100×16Tr120×16
Gear Ratio ( H )1/41/41/41/61/71/81/81/8.751/10.251/10.75
Travel length(mm) per full turn of worm Shaft ( H )1111111.1251.3711.561.49
Starting Efficiency % ( H )
Working Efficiency % ( H ) at 1500rpm0.340.340.350.330.320.310.330.330.330.3
Max. Permissible power ( KW ) With High Ratio0.250.30.571.142.22.534711.5
Gear Ratio ( L )1/161/161/161/241/281/321/321/351/411/43
Travel length(mm) per full turn of worm Shaft ( L )
Starting Efficiency % ( L )
Working Efficiency % ( L ) at 1500rpm0.
Max. Permissible power ( KW ) With Low Ratio0.
Jack Housing MaterialsAluminiumNodular cast iron
Weight without stroke ( kg )
Weight of screw ( kg ), per 100mm stroke0.20.360.50.751.522.443.024.56.89
Remarks: H: high ratio, L: low ratio. Working temperature is -20℃-+80℃. Max. Permissible power is under the conditions that ambient temperature 20 degree c , duty cycle 30%h .

Electric Screw Jack Lift Common Layout

LiftingMotion electric screw jacks can be used singly or in groups. We supply whole components including drive shaft, joints, couplings, miter gearbox, motor, reducers, etc to achieve synchronous lifting and positioning.

small electric screw jack with tilt platform

Small Electric Screw Jack With Tilt Platform 

The smallest electric screw jack available in 2.5KN, aluminum alloy housing, can contact with 0.18kw or 0.37kw motor

electric ball screw jacks

Two Electric Screw Lift System Upright Screw Translating Type

It includes 2 jacks, 1 motor, 2 couplings, 1 shaft.

motorized worm gear screw jack

Two Electric Worm Drive Lift Upright Nut Rotating Type

It includes 2 jacks, 1 bevel gearbox, 1 motor, 5 couplings, 1 shaft.

electric worm screw screw jacks

Four Electric Screw Jack Actuators System

It includes 4 jacks, 3 bevel gearboxes, 1 motor, 12 couplings, 4 shafts.

electric screw jack lift

Six Electric Screw Jack Lift System

It includes 6 jacks, 3 bevel gearboxes, 1 motor, 16 couplings, 8 shafts.

Application cases of LMK electric screw jack lift

You can benefit from our wide application experience in diverse industries including transportation, packaging, factory automation, material handling, printing, automotive, machine tool, paper, steel, food, and beverage etc.

Painting any color to suit your machine. Accept custom gearbox housing and mounting sizes according to your volume.

Electric Screw Jack Actuators application
Electric Screw Jack application

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