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Electric Worm Gear Screw Jack

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This electric screw jack have a cubic form and are machined on all faces. Motor and jack actuator assemblies can be installed in any position, such as handwheel, helical gear motor, stepper motor, servo motor, single phase ac motor, three phase ac motor and 12v /24v DC motor.

  • Translating(traveling screw) and rotating (traveling nut) configurations
  • Electric Driven and Manual Operated both are available
  • Trapezoidal spindle (self-locking) and Ball Screw spindle (high efficiency) version
  • Design option: Standard, Anti-rotation, Anti-backlash or Safety nut
  • Standard and custom end fittings, mounting options, and drive shaft
Max compression force(KN)2.5510203050100150200300
Max tension force(KN)2.5510203050100150200300
Screw DiaTr14*4Tr18*4Tr25*5Tr26*5Tr32*6Tr38*6Tr46*8Tr52*8Tr65*10Tr75*12
Gear ratio(high)445566881012
Travel length(mm)1111111111
per full turn of worm Shaft ( H)
Efficiency %25342121211918191515
( H )
Gear ratioNN1010121216162018
Travel length(mm)NN0.
per full turn of worm Shaft ( M )
Efficiency %NN1818181817181514
( M )
Gear ratio(Low)16162020242432324036
Travel length(mm)
per full turn of worm Shaft ( L )
Efficiency %0.180.161111171716171113
( L )
Housing materialAluminum alloyspheroidal graphite iron

FHK Series  Worm Drive Electric Jack Ordering Information 

FHK1T  – US  –  T  –   C –   1/41  –  300   – P
           1       2        3       4        5          6        7      

1: Motorized Electric Screw Jack Model

2: Screw Configuration & Mounting Orientation

US: Upright translating screw        UK: Upright keyed screw        UR: Upright rotating screw
IS: Inverted translating screw         IK: Inverted keyed screw         IR: Inverted rotating screw

Note:  US, IS (Screw rotation, do axial motion)  UK, IK (Screw anti-rotation, do axial motion)

UR,IR(Screw fixed rotation, traveling nut do axial motion)

motorized electric screw jack

3: Screw Top End

Screw jack Top End

4: Worm Shaft Input Types

A: left side worm shaft input.
B: right side worm shaft input.
C: double worm shaft input.
M1: left side motor flange direct input.
M2: right side motor flange direct input.
M3: left side motor flange direct input, right side worm shaft input.
M4: right side motor flange direct input, left side worm shaft input.

Worm Shaft Input Types

5: Gear Ratio

6: Travel Stroke

Travel Stroke


7:  Accessories

N: Standard Jack, No additional accessories
P: Protective Tube
R: Dust Cover
Y: Hand Wheel
Other accessories,please check below picture

screw jack accessories onescrew jack accessories twoscrew jack accessories threescrew jack accessories four

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