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Manual operated screw jacks

hand wheel screw jack

As you know, Screw Jack Actuator can be both Electric Driven and Manual operated.  When you manually operated screw jacks, you can use hand wheel or hand crack. So when to use hand wheel screw jack?

  • In case of power failure, screw jacks can be moved manually via a handwheel. To do this, one input shaft shall be available on the screw jack for connection of the handwheel. If a brake motor is used, the brake shall be un-clamped firstly, so to allow for movement.
  • Light load, low duty cycle, low-speed application.
  •  Intermittent positioning applications
  • Acme screw jack since ball screw jack is not self-locking and hand wheels do not include a brake.

You can digital position indicators if you need more precise position display. It can measure the rotations of the input shaft and display the corresponding position in the digital counter window. The display value per input shaft revolution is variable and is achieved through a series of gear reductions configured to accommodate different worm gear screw jack ratios, screw pitch, and travel length.

Hand wheel Features

Hand Wheel Screw Jacks
  • Easy installation to existing actuators. All hand wheels are bored, keyed, and set-screw drilled to the proper dimensions.
  • Revolving handle design for rotational ease.
  • Recessed hub and spoke design.
  • Cast iron material with chrome plating

The table in our screw jack system necessories page presents dimensional information for our Hand Wheels. To properly select the best hand wheel for your application, please review the provided information, or contact [email protected]