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LiftingMotion by NUODUN —-A bevel gearboxscrew jack and lifting system manufacturer based in China, has been consistently delivering custom lifting and position solution and great service since 2008. We aim to gain all our client’s satisfaction and learn from challenges.

Experienced Workers

Craftsmanship is at the heart of our company. We call ourselves craftspeople to express the passion we have for creating the screw jack lift system, and we believe only the most qualified staff can go that extra mile to meet the customer’s expectations of perfection.

The assembly, and all the processes of electric screw jack and bevel gearbox, takes place inside the factory with the staffs who have a high level of experience for the mechanical components.

Lathing                  Machining       Thread grinding 

Gear hobbing      Grinding           Assembly

Efficient Plant

Our investment in the latest technology and modern advanced machines ensures that we can offer competitive pricing to our customers while maintaining the same high-quality product.

The equipments include Multi-axis CNC milling machines, CNC lathes, CNC gear hobbing, CNC flank grinding, CNC cylindrical grinding and a wide range of conventional manual machines.

All the various production processes are performed entirely inside the factory, from cutting phase to grinding and final inspection. Passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality control certification.

screw jack factory

High Stock Levels

Short lead times thanks to intelligent logistics and stocking levels. We are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment. We operate in state-of-the-art facilities without any pollution.

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