Double Clevis Screw Jacks

Double Clevis Features

When freedom of movement in two axes is required, a double clevis jack may be specified. A double-clevis jack incorporates a special clevis end bottom pipe and a standard clevis end on the lifting screw. Machine screw and ball screw jacks from 1 ton to 50-ton load capacities can be supplied with double clevis mounts. Applications like angle tilt adjustments, moving a load through an arc, tracking antennas, hinged doors or air dampers etc is more common.

Below are some application examples. Please consult [email protected] for more information and help.

Angular Adjustment

double clevis screw jack for angular adjustment

Horizontal Turn Over

double clevis screw jack for horizontal turn over

Height Adjustment

double clevis screw jack for height adjustment

Please NOTE:

  • It is used only direct compression or tension loads, thereby eliminating side load conditions.
  • Double clevis jacks are always made from upright jacks.
  • Double-clevis jacks are limited both in capacity and maximum length.  Since this structure tends to weaken it as a column by creating eccentric loads on the screw. This eccentricity is more likely to increase with greater distance and higher loading.