2806, 2019

screw jacks lift table

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Worm Gear Jack Lift Table Sometimes screw jack application can be fun. You can use it to DIY industrial crank tables, industrial train table, office crank desks, dining table, bar crank table,  computer desk, even a handcrafted conference room table. The [...]

2304, 2019

Mini Screw Jack

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Miniature Screw Jack Here is the introduction about our mini screw jack, it allows for extremely fine adjustment. 1kN and 2.5KN is available. Cubic type in the compact design Screw Translating, keyed screw for anti-rotation (keyed [...]

2204, 2019

Efficiency of Screw Jack

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The maximum efficiency of screw jack Want to know the load capacity and maximum efficiency of machine screw jack? Our main screw jack models are listed in the following spec: Screw Jack Load Capacity Machine screw Actuators (worm gear [...]