Precision Screw jack quality testing

Quality Assurance

Quality is the first priority in our production of  Screw jack Lifting System and Spiral Bevel Gearboxes.

From raw material selection, parts manufacturing & inspection, assembly to the final test, we respect the value of quality control & inspection in every step.

Here you can learn our 45 Checklist Of Screw Jack. All our screw jack and bevel gearbox have a 16-month standard warranty.

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Reliable Solution

Not just supply you our standard lifting screw jacks and bevel gear jack, specialization and customization is also our unique advantage.

Our dedicated team is responsible to you for the entire result of the project and present to you the complete screw jack lift system that is ready to use.

Whatever single jack or multiple-jack configuration including gear reducers, shafting, coupling, motor, pillow block etc, you can count on us.

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screw jack lift systems

Cases We Worked

Liftingmotion has highly experienced engineers and worked on thousands of cases every year.

Each customer has different requirements, but you are no problem getting a tailored solution to best fit your application, budget, and schedule. 

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What You Will Get

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